32bit FTP

32bit FTP 12.06.01

Windows Socket FTP client program to transfer files over the Internet

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With 32bit FTP you will be sending files to and receiving files from thousands of FTP sites around the world in a few minutes from now with this full featured FTP program.

Use 32bit FTP client to connect to any FTP server whether it is a commercial FTP server or one of the many free FTP servers around the world.

Many companies have a free FTP server that you can login to and download free software programs. Just logon to the FTP host using FTP or anonymous as your username.

No password is needed. Now that your FTP client is connected to their FTP port, you can do FTP downloads, and in many cases you can do an FTP upload to certain directories.

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32bit FTP


32bit FTP 12.06.01

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